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The Smurfs' Village
Smurf's Village Welcome Screen
Full Name The Smurfs' Village
Launched 2010
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Location App
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Available? Yes

The Smurfs' Village is a free social game for iOS, and Android devices. In the game you help create a village for the Smurfs, after their old village was found, and destroyed by Gargamel. The game itself isn't entirely about watching your Smurfs water plants, or build buildings. After unlocking other Smurfs, such as Greedy Smurf, you can play minigames, to win XP and Smurf Coins.

History Edit

The Smurfs' Village was created by Campcom. It was adopted by Beeline and later by Bongfish and Flashman Games.

Technology Edit

Devices Used On Edit

The Smurfs' Village can be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and an Android phone. However, Android apps take awhile to update, whereas the iOS apps are updated sooner.

Reception Edit

The Smurfs' Village is a very popular game. Players have spent much money on the game, and continue too. The Smurfs' Village is one of Beeline's most popular apps.

In-game Economy Edit

The economy of The Smurfs' Village is centered around Smurf Coins. Smurf Coins give the ability to players to buy Crops, Mushroom Houses, and Decorations. To gain Smurf Coins players can play minigames, plant crops, or literally buy them with Smurfberries.

Smurfberries are a special form of currency in the game. Smurfberries are special because they can be used to buy special items, more minigames, and revive players' crops. Smurfberries can only be obtained from Jokey Smurf, buying them on iTunes, or collecting them by levelling up. They are sometimes handed out on special occasions.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Smurfs' Village was once mentioned on Fox News when a story about a girl spending over $2,000 on Smurfberries was discovered.
    • The anchors went on to talk about if Apple is making it too hard for kids to spend their parents money.

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