The Naughties were added to the game not too long after the Smurfs 2 movie was released in theaters. Their hut is unlocked at level 8 and costs 1000 CoinIcon. They are stationary and have their own minigame. In the minigame, there are three levels(2 of the levels cost SmurfberryIcon), then once the game starts you have to knock out all the Vexy and Hackus plushies and avoid the bombs before the 40 seconds are up. If you tap on the bomb, you will lose 5 stars in the first level, 10 stars in the second level, and 20 stars in the third level. If you tap on the Vexy or the Hackus plushies, they will give you 5 star points no matter what level you are in. The higher the level, the higher chance you will get a smurfy prize!

P.S. Careful though, sometimes bombs with one of the Naughties' hats appear, to fool the player thinking it was a plushie!

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