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The Forest is under construction.

It is currently experiencing an expansion or major renovation. The information contained within it should not be considered fully accurate until this tag has been removed.

The Forest
Full Name The Forest
Transportation ?
Expansions ?
Date Released Never

The Forest is a location outside of the Main Village. It's where Papa Smurf asks the player to send Smurfs on quests. It's also thought to be where Gargamel lives, but this really has no evidence to support it.


The Forest appears to be right above the Main Village on the screen. It just looks like a group of large trees together. During quests, while some Smurfs are talking to each other, there's a picture of The Forest behind them. There appears to be a creek, and some scattered rocks there. Not to mention some large trees.



  • It is unknown if The Forest may ever become an expansion for the game.

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