Gender Female
Race Smurf
Type Roaming/Quest giving smurf
Available in Main Village, The Island, The Mountain, The Swoof Planet, The Grove


Smurfette is one of the many preminum characters in the game, she costs 30 SmurfberryIcon and walks around your village. Every few hours, Smurfette has a heart floating above her head, tap on it to get 20 XPIcon from every smurf near her as they swoon. Apart from this, she also comes with her own series of quests.


Smurfette is also available on the Mountain, but she costs 35 SmurfberryIcon instead of 30 SmurfberryIcon, like the village, she can make nearby smurfs swoon for XPIcon every few hours. But in the mountain, she gives a 20% XPIcon bonus from crystals(you must have Grandpa Smurf's Hut), you can also buy her tower that costs 10 SmurfberryIcon to transform her into her princess costume, this transformation increases the XPIcon awarded by the swooning smurfs.

Swoof Planet

Aswell as the Mountain, she is also available on the Swoof Planet, she costs 30 SmurfberryIcon like her original price in the village, she can also make the smurfs swoon in space, including the swoofs. In space, you can buy her throne that costs 10 SmurfberryIcon to transform her into her Cleopatra costume, this transformation increases XPIcon earned by swooning smurfs and swoofs. It also causes the swoofs to perform a new dance.


Caveman update animation 4

Smurfette is also available on the Island, she costs 30 SmurfberryIcon like the village, but you need to have her already purchased on the village in order to buy her on the Island. In the Island, she has a minigame instead of the heart floating above her head in most of the locations. The way the minigame works is by simply tapping on her hut when it has a heart floating above it, then it will ask you if you want to play it, once you tap "Yes", the minigame will start, all the smurfs on the Island will start to swoon, and it is your job to tap on them to get them back to work while Smurfette is sunbathing, once the seconds are up, everything will go back to normal, even the swooning smurfs that you missed on the Island. You can buy her transformation crystal for 10 SmurfberryIcon to transform her into a prehistoric costume, once in her costume, the XPIcon the swooning smurfs give you in her minigame will be increased.

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