Smurfberries are a type of currency in The Surf's Village. They help to speed things up if you are impatient to wait, or are used to buy special smurf buildings There are many ways to obtain Smurfberries. The main way people use is to just buy them with real money in the store. But if you do not want to use real money here are other easy ways to get smurfberries. Jokey Smurf gives you a gift everyday. Usually it contains resources or pranks or XP but sometimes if you are lucky enough you can receive 1 to up to 4 smurfberries. Reporter Smurf usually gives you bonus gifts if you have your game linked with your twitter account. Just click tween to get your resources,XP,or if you are lucky he will give you 1 to up to 4 smurfberries. When you level up from the lower levels you receive 1 smurfberry but on higher levels when you level up you can receive 4 smurfberries. When you unlock the Island Expansion and build the Raft hut sending a raft out can usually give you XP or other gifts but you can sometimes receive 1 to 4 smurfberries. When you build the diving game on the island play it and collect pearls fast enough to get at leaat 1 smurfberry everytime. But if you dont do it fast enough you will get the usual coins or XP. Unlock the Space Expansion and when you dig up crates in the Craters if you are lucky you can get smurfberries. There are probably alot more ways to get smurfberries but you will have to explore everything you can do. Lastly to get eaay smurfberries check your goals and achievements and complete them to obtain up to 7 smurfberries.

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