Vital statistics
Effects Awards CoinIcon for each related item placed nearby
Awards 360Template:XP on placement
Source Decorations > Furniture menu
Cost to buy 2400CoinIcon
Cost to sell

The Sandbox is an item of Furniture available in the Main Village, on The Island and on The Mountain. Despite costing 2400CoinIcon, the Sandbox does not give out any coins on its own. Instead, it gives out coins once a day depending on any playground-related items are placed nearby. These items, their costs and the daily reward for each of them are shown in the table below:

Log Bench1000CoinIcon23 CoinIcon
Seesaw1350CoinIcon30 CoinIcon
Tree Stump100CoinIcon2CoinIcon

While initial outlay is very high for these items, each item will eventually pay for itself over time. Although each sandbox awards coins for each object nearby, objects will count for only one sandbox no matter placed near to multiple sandboxes. The following examples show this principle:

Example 1

One sandbox surrounded by 8 playhouses

  • Initial outlay: 20,000CoinIcon
  • Daily return: 400
  • Breakeven in: 50 days
Example 2

9 sandboxes surrounded by 16 playhouses

  • Initial outlay: 56,800CoinIcon
  • Daily return: 800CoinIcon
  • Breakeven in: 71 days
Example 3

One sandbox surrounded by 11.733333 merry-go-rounds

(Although impossible, this example shows the difference between playhouses and merry-go-rounds.)

  • Initial outlay: 19,999.9995CoinIcon
  • Daily return: 398.93322CoinIcon
  • Breakeven in: about 50.1337 days

This shows that playhouses are slightly better that merry-go-rounds.

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