Papa Smurf
Gender Male
Race Smurf
Type Roaming/Quest giving smurf
Available in Main Village, The Island, The Swoof Planet, The Grove

Papa Smurf is a roaming Special Smurf who serves as the leader and mentor in the Smurfs' village who is available since players begin their games. He is currently available in 4 areas, Main Village, Island, Planet Swoof, and Grove. Mosts quests in the game are given by him.

Role Edit

Papa Smurf is the first character a player meets in the game. At the beginning, Papa tells the player what has recently happened and basic thing in the game. First he asks the player to plant a Crop of Blueberries, then to build a Mushroom Hut. After Papa Smurf teaches the player all these things, he starts telling the player to do certain quests, such as planting specific crops, sending Smurfs into the woods, building items, etc. For every quest complete, the player gets receives XP. Some quests unlocks specific stuffs in the game, like Special Smurfs or items.

Characteristics Edit

Papa Smurf appears to be an old, wise, and kind Smurf. He likes to keep up on what's going on, and cares a lot for his little Smurfs. Papa Smurf is also an expert in alchemy, most notably handling magical objects and brewing potions.

Gallery Edit


  • When clicked, Papa waves at the player. He also does this gesture automatically occasionaly.
  • During Christmas, Papa Smurf wears a Santa Hat and a sack of toys, which reference to Santa Claus.
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