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Papa Smurf
Papa smurf.png
Full Name Papa Smurf
Age Old
Species Smurf
Gender Male
Role Main Character
Available? Yes
Launched on App launch date

Papa Smurf is one of the main characters in the game. He helps the player start off by teaching them how to plant Crops, build Mushroom Houses, and more. He likes to ask you to do certain quests, most of them planting crops.

Role In-Game

Papa Smurf is the first character a player meets in the game. First Papa Smurf tells the player what happened, and then tells the player how to do certain things. First he asks the player to plant a Crop of Blueberries, then to build a Mushroom House. After Papa Smurf teaches the player all these things, he starts telling the player to do certain quests. Like plant a certain Crop, send a Smurf into the woods, or build something. For every quest complete, the player gets some XP. Some quests give the player more XP than others.




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