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{{infobox character
| name = Papa Smurf
| image = Image:PapaSmurf.png
{{Infobox Character
| requirements = Complete welcome dialogue
|name = '''Papa Smurf'''
| gender = Male
|image =
| race = Smurf
|imagesize =
| type = Roaming/Quest giving smurf
|age = Old
| gives = {{XP Points}} when completing a given quest
|species = [[Smurf]]
| availablein = [[Main Village]], [[The Island]], [[The Swoof Planet]], [[The Grove]]
|gender = Male
|role = Main Character
|available = Yes
|launched = App launch date
'''Papa Smurf''' is a roaming Special Smurf who serves as the leader and mentor in the Smurfs' village who is available since players begin their games. He is currently available in 4 areas, Main Village, Island, Planet Swoof, and Grove. Mosts quests in the game are given by him.
== Role ==
Papa Smurf is the first character a player meets in the game. At the beginning, Papa tells the player what has recently happened and basic thing in the game. First he asks the player to plant a [[Crop]] of Blueberries, then to build a Mushroom Hut.
After Papa Smurf teaches the player all these things, he starts telling the player to do certain quests, such as planting specific crops, sending [[Smurf]]s into the woods, building items, etc. For every quest complete, the player gets receives [[XP]]. Some quests unlocks specific stuffs in the game, like Special Smurfs or items.
== Characteristics ==
Papa Smurf appears to be an old, wise, and kind [[Smurf]]. He likes to keep up on what's going on, and cares a lot for his little Smurfs. Papa Smurf is also an expert in alchemy, most notably handling magical objects and brewing potions.
== Gallery ==
'''Papa Smurf''' is one of the main characters in the game. He helps the player start off by teaching them how to plant [[Crops]], build [[Mushroom Houses]], and more. He likes to ask you to do certain quests, most of them planting crops.
<gallery captionalign="left">
File:Papa_Smurf's_lab.png|[[Papa Smurf's Lab]], his minigame.
walking papa smurf.png|Papa Smurf walking around.
*When clicked, Papa waves at the player. He also does this gesture automatically occasionaly.
*During Christmas, Papa Smurf wears a Santa Hat and a sack of toys, which reference to [ Santa Claus].
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