Smurfs' Village Wiki

Painter Smurf.PNG

Painter Smurf is one of the many premium characters in the game and he can paint things.


He costs 30 SmurfberryIcon.PNG, and comes with his own mini game.


In the start of the mimigame, you have some choices of what you want to paint(for example Smurfette), once you start the minigame you have a time limit of 240 seconds. Unlike the other minigames, you can finish the game once you have completed the main point of the game.

Other Uses

Other than the minigame, you can also paint your smurfs' huts, benches, Wooly Smurf's wooly items, and even Detective Smurf's hut by simply tapping on Painter. You get 5 colors at the start, those colors being blue, red, white, pink, and green. To unlock the rest of the colors, you can buy an individual color for 8 SmurfberryIcon.PNG, and 3 colour packs for 10 SmurfberryIcon.PNG.