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The Mountain
Full Name The Mountain
Transportation Hot Air Balloon
Expansions Yes
Date Released

The mountain is a new area to the smurf village which is accessed after you complete Papa Smurf's quests to unlock the hot air balloon. At level 26.


Once you get to the mountain, you will meet grandpa smurf , who will then give you a quest to dig up his glasses. He will give more quests after completion. You start off with 3 smurfs.


In the special area of the build menu on the mountain, you can buy for 200 gold a normal shovel to dig for items on the mountain, or use 2 smurfberries for a gold shovel. A normal shovel takes 30 minutes to complete, while a gold one takes 5 seconds.


Some if the wonders you can build are : the smurfy blimp, the observertory, the castle, the windmill and more.