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{{Infobox location
{{Infobox location

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Main Village
Full Name Main Village
Transportation ?
Expansions ?
Date Released App launch date

The Main Village is the name itself. It's the location where the game starts, and grows the most. It starts out in between two rivers, but overtime it grows over those rivers after many upgrades. It's also the location with most characters.


The Main Village appears to be a big, empty meadow of grass with two streams flowing through it. During the Summer the ground is green, and during the Winter it's white (and some items are covered with snow). It's the very first location the player sees in the whole game, and will be for quite some time, until the Island is unlocked at Level 19.

The Main Village is where most of the characters from the original Smurf series are. And there are even more just made for the app itself. The Main Village also has the most mini-games to play.



  • In total there are 4 expansions for the Main Village that don't need to be paid with by Smurfberries.

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