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Jokey Smurf is a friendly Smurf, that walks around in the Main Village. The player will always see him walking around with a gift box. If Jokey has a big, yellow "!" above his head, that means that he's ready to give a gift. When the player clicks on him, a box will appear with the gift box in it. When the gift box is clicked, the player will either get a present, or the box will explode (giving the player no present).

Role In-Game

Jokey Smurf's role in the game is basically to give quests, and gifts. He gives a few quests to the players at the begining, until they reach higher XP levels. And every 24 hours he gives the player a gift, which could be a bomb, or something nice. He adds some comedy to the game, and tries to be friendly to the other Smurfs (except when he's giving pranks). Sometimes, on rare occasions, Jokey will even hand out 4 SmurfberryIcon to the player.

Characteristics Jokey Smurf

Jokey is always carrying a gift and acts very childish in the game. He giggles a lot, even more when he plays pranks on others.


  • When players started to use a Time Cheat on Smurfs' Village, Beeline took action which included Jokey Smurf. When players did the cheat Jokey would not give them presents, and their snails and caterpillars would not give them XP when petted.

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