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Starting Island.jpg
Full Name Island
Transportation Pirate Ship
Expansions Yes
Date Released 2012

The Island is a special, free expansion on Smurfs' Village. The Island is unlocked at Level 19, when players complete several, long quests given to them by Papa Smurf. The Island is completely separate from the Main Village, but the Coin and Smurfberry amounts are the same.


The Island is a special, island expansion on both versions of Smurfs' Village. It can only be unlocked at Level 19, and after the player completes all of Papa Smurf's quest in that level. To get to the Island, the player must first do several quests given to them by Papa Smurf. Soon the mention of another character is given: Dreamy Smurf. The Smurfs find Dreamy's ship, and then go searching for him. They find him, and decide to go on several quests. After a few more quests Dreamy Smurf will return saying he found an island. Then the player is told to click on Dreamy's ship, and sail to the island. When at the Island it is completely empty, except for Brainy Smurf, Dreamy Smurf, Papa Smurf, and several other Smurfs. Everything at the Island costs double what it would on the mainland so the player's Island slowly grows, if they don't have a lot of Smurfcoins and Smurfberries. Overtime more characters appear on the Island, and another expansion is available.



  • The Island doesn't have some the features that the Main Village has.
    • For example, Paint Smurf's abilities are different you have to spend the resource dye on each object you color.

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