Gold coins (CoinIcon) are the primary currency within the Smurfs Village game. It is used for buying items, Smurf Huts, digging, and planting crops, as well as many other uses throughout the game. It is mainly earned by harvesting crops but can also be earned by several other means, as discussed below. Since Smurfberries can be purchased with real money, and coins can be purchased with Smurfberries, it can be said that coins can indirectly be purchased with real money.

Earning coinsEdit

Coins can be earned by the following means, amongst others:

Spending coinsEdit

Some items can be purchased for coins, whereas others can only be purchased for smurfberries. Amongst other uses for coins are:

  • Planting crops
  • Sending out rafts
  • Digging on the Mountain
  • Digging up craters
  • Planting flowers in Flower Boxes
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