Smurfs' Village Wiki

Cowboy Smurf was added with the Cowboy Smurf Update, iOS version 1.5.6 and Android version 1.4.3.a).

He is a premium Smurf available on the mainland area for 30 Smurfberries and he is stationary, once his hut has been placed he does not walk around the village but stands in front of it.Cowboy Smurf’s Hut works similar to Flying Smurf, that is, when his hut has been placed there is a Cowboy Store available where companion items can be bought. The companion items are on top of some Wild West themed accessories mainly rideable animals like snails or unicorns in varying colours. Most of the animals cost 20 Smurfberries each, though there are three kinds of snails (a garden snail in three different color variations) available for 3500 Coins each. Cowboy Smurf’s Hut gives out 500 XP daily and for each rid-able animal that has been placed an additional 500 XP per day is rewarded.