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Brainy's house
Brainy Smurf is an important Smurf in the game. Whenever the player's Crops wither, he tells them, and asks them if they want to use a SmurfberryIcon to make them ripe again. Besides that, he doesn't do much. Unlike Papa Smurf he doesn't give the player quests to complete, and he usually just walks around the village.

Role In-Game Edit

Brainy Smurf serves as a character that give the player lots of information. When Crops wither he tells the player, and tells them how to revive them. You can revive Crops by using 1 Smurfberry.

Characteristics Edit

In story lines he explains things scientifically, and tries his best to help out the other Smurfs. Though some are annoyed by him.

Trivia Edit

  • When a player clicks on him, he'll point out his finger, and grumble.
  • Jokey Smurf likes to play pranks on him....a lot.
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